Land Rover Freelander 2 Review

The Freelander 2 is Land Rover’s more premium feeling vehicle that does not sacrifice performance on or off the road. The Freelander boasts more cabin space, a better fit and finish and a more attractive asking price. The Freelander 2 has a bold look and was closely modeled after the Discovery 3. The Freelander 2 resembles the body style of the model it replaced but is actually large on the inside and out and has been completely overhauled and now holds a more upmarket position. The Land Rover sports new engines and a new all-wheel drive system. The diesel engines are the most impressive and deliver excellent performance on various terrains. Electronic driving aids help to keep the Freelender-2 stable.The Land Rover-Freelander2 has a more premium feel and delivers a better ride quality than previous generations. The Freelander’s off-roading ability has been greatly improved without sacrificing its on-road abilities. The Freelander is a competent towing vehicle as well. The Freelander 2’s premium feel and upmarket qualities have led to a more premium price. Buyers will not be left to wonder what they paid for though. The Freelander’s strengths and appeal is very obvious.


The Freelander2 has a premium quality feel and a good build quality. The Land Rover’s price is a direct reflection of that quality. The Freelander’s price is still competitive with rival brands in the premium sector. The Freelander 2 provides excellent cabin space with head, leg and elbowroom being more than adequate all-round. The Land Rover’s boot is also very spacious and accommodating. The Freelander’s seats fold flat to increase cargo carrying capabilities. The Land Rover Freelander-2 boasts a classy and simple instrumentation design. The dials and controls are easy to use and straight forward. The predominantly black colour gives the instrumentation a sophisticated look. The Freelander-2 provides a comfortable ride on and off the road. The Land Rover’s seats are large and supportive even on rougher terrain. Cabin space is also more than adequate making it easy to get comfortable in the Freelander’s cabin. Despite the Freelander 2’s large size it is a fairly easy car to park. The Freelander provides a high drive position and light steering making parking easy. The Land Rover’s large side mirrors and parking sensors should make parking a breeze even for the most timid drivers.

 Life Style

The Freelander 2 provides an excellent off-road experience without totally sacrificing the on-road ride. On the road pitch and roll are effectively controlled. The diesel engine is the better choice due to better fuel economy. The Free- Lander boasts an impressive all-wheel drive system and is within its element on and off-road. The Free Lander 2 would make a decent family car. The cabin provides plenty of space for an average family and has a good size boot for holding family related items. Active families will appreciate the 4X4 capabilities of the Freelander. The Freelander2 is easy enough to drive but is not a likely first car. It is too expensive and may be difficult for a novice driver to navigate through crowded streets and parking lots. A newly licensed driver may also find the Freelander 2 difficult to park. The Freelander 2 will be an asset to Land Rover’s image. The company has always had a strong and positive image. The firm has struggled in recent years in terms of build quality. The Freelander’s build quality will do a lot to redeem Land Rover in the eyes of buyers.

 Safety and Security

 The Freelander 2’s standard security features include remote central locking, a security alarm and an engine immoboliser. The standard security features should be more than adequate but a visual deterrent may be desired as well. The Land Rover’s standard safety features include the vehicle’s all-wheel drive system, seven air bags, various traction and stability controls. The standard airbags include a driver-side knee airbag.

 The Finishing Touches

 The Freelander’s standard audio unit includes a stereo and CD player combination. The unit boasts good sound quality. Several cost options are available including a sat-nav system. The Freelander-2 is offered in a bright orange colour that won’t easily be missed. Darker colours give the Land Rover a more premium look and will return higher resale values. The Freelander’s interior looks better in darker colours with leather seats being optional.


 The Freelander 2 is not only bigger than its predecessor; it is also better built and has an all-round more premium feel. Land Rover’s Freelander 2 is a successful ploy for the firm to move upmarket. The Land Rover-2 is not only more impressive on the road it also performs well off-road.


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