Nissan Terrano Review

The Nissan Terrano is a chunky looking 4×4 that delivers a good deal of comfort and versatility. The Terrano is priced lower than most rivals but its abilities also seem to lag behind as well. The Terrano is better when used as a family vehicle or for hauling duties. Cabin space is not great in the Terrano but it is adequate for most passengers. The drive position could be better and the car’s seats could be more supportive as well. The interior is not special and the cabin is filled with engine and road noise. The new Terrano is better equipped than its predecessors and offers good value for the money. The Terrano is powered by a 3.0Di. The engine lacks the refinement of some of the rival brands and none of the engines in the line are impressive. The car’s steering is vague and on-road its handling is lacking as well. The Terrano is very spacious especially in five and seven seat form. The seats in the seven-seater can be removed to create added versatility. The car’s boot is a decent size as well and can store shopping or other large items.


The Nissan Terrano is a fairly inexpensive 4×4 that offers good cabin and storage space. Running costs are low and fuel economy is decent. The Terrano offers good value for money considering the high levels of equipment and the car’s versatility. The Terrano provides adequate cabin space. Many will find legroom and elbow room to be less than adequate. The car’s boot is practically sized and offers good storage space. The car’s controls and dials are very simple and easy to use. Displays are large and easy to read. For the most part everything is where you would expect it to be. The Terrano offers comfortable seating, but legroom and elbowroom is limited. Road and engine noise are bothersome, and the ride is not the most refined. Access to the car’s cabin is good especially for front row and middle row passengers. Rearmost passengers don’t have it quite as good and should be reserved for children. The Terrano is easy enough to park. Despite the poor drive position visibility is good and successfully placing the Terrano into a parking space can be challenging at times but is not too difficult. Large side mirrors help out too.

Life Style

The Terrano is great for hauling people or load lugging. It’s even a competent tow vehicle. It delivers a less refined ride than competitors but feels more at home on the road in less challenging conditions. The car is not fast or powerful and performance is less than impressive. The Terrano is a good family vehicle. It delivers a good seating arrangement coupled with seating versatility and is able to meet the needs of most families quite easily. The Terrano is also economical to run and would be ideal for families on a budget. The Terrano would not make a good first car. It is much too large and difficult to handle for novice drivers, and it is doesn’t include any of the features that most first time buyers look for in a car. Nissan has an excellent reputation for building reliable and affordable cars. Most Nissan’s are inexpensive and usually of decent quality. The Nissan badge is not held in as high regard as some of the more up-market brands.

Security and Safety

The car’s basic security features include an engine immobilizer, remote central locking, a visible VIN number and deadlocks. The car comes with a good deal of security and should be well protected. The car’s standard safety features include twin front airbags and ABS and side impact beams. Front side airbags also come as standard and so do child locks.

The Finishing Touches

The car standard audio system includes a CD/radio unit with an automatic CD changer. The unit comes with four speakers and provides good sound quality. The car also comes with a Rev counter; alloy wheels, halogen head lights, front fog lamps and power assisted steering. The car’s leather seats are very attractive and help to give the car a more quality feel. For a more in depth look at the Nissan Terrano you can head over to


The Terrano makes a good family car for families who are on a budget, and it also makes a good towing van. The Terrano can be difficult to drive and to park. The car only provides modest levels of comfort both in the cabin and ride wise. For a more luxurious and comfortable vehicle buyers should look elsewhere.

2014 Nissan Terrano India


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