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Porsche Boxster

The Boxster has been subtly redesigned by Porsche. The Boxster now sports an exterior design true to traditional Porsche form. The Boxster has been totally restyled to lessen its resemblance to the Porsche 911 and to bring it back to a more traditional form. The Boxster delivers excellent handling and a choice of impressive engines. The Boxster’s interior is impressive but the most impressive enhancements are not so easily seen. The Boxster’s engines are more powerful than before and its suspension has been revised along with improvements in handling and the inclusion of electronic aids. The Boxster has enjoyed a great deal of popularity since its introduction the added enhancements will increase the Boxster’s desirability.


The Boxster is more costly to purchase than most of its competitors but it also offers a lot of value for the money. The Boxster is fast and boasts a good build quality. Resale values should be high and maintenance is likely to be routine. The Boxster is not a spacious vehicle. Available cabin space is surprisingly much more limited than exterior dimensions suggest.  The Boxster does boast pretty impressive boot space however and a decent glovebox. The Boxster’s instrumentation and cabin design are based on the Cayenne. The Boxster’s main controls and dials are large and well designed. The roof is easy to retract with the pull of a lever and the push of a button. Passengers will not have any trouble getting comfortable inside of the Boxster’s cabin. The seats are supportive and the Boxster provides fully adjustable seats. Engine noise is better disguised with the top up but has an appealing sound with the top down as well. The Boxster provides good accessibility. The doors open wide providing a large aperture that facilitates accessibility. The Boxster’s doors are large and heavy and may present difficulties in a crowded parking lot.

Life Style

The Boxster is a fun car to drive with enhanced steering and plenty of grip. Enthusiastic drivers will appreciate the powerful engines that are available. Porsche’s 2.7-litre six cylinder engine is more than competent. The Boxster is a two-seater and is much too small for a family car. The Boxster was not designed to lug a family or their cargo around. It would make a really fun second car or even third car for a family. The Boxster would be a really fun first car for those who could afford it. It is unlikely that many first time buyers could afford the initial purchase price, insurance and fuel for the Boxster. Porsche has never had an image problem and the Boxster will only serve as a compliment to the firm’s already positive image. Some dispute the quality of materials used in the cabin (centre console), but for the most part the baby Porsche is very impressive.

Security and Safety

The Boxster is an attractive car with plenty of curb appeal. Porsche has taken this into account and has included remote central locking and an engine immobolizer as standard. Porsche has even included the option of a hard top for buyers who desire increased security. The Boxster comes equipped with an array of safety features including twin front airbags, side and head airbags. Other standard safety features include rollover safety features, and Porsche Stability Management.

The Finishing Touches

The Porsche Boxster’s standard audio unit includes a radio and CD player. The standard unit provides good sound quality but optional upgrades are available from the options list including a sat-nav system and a trip computer. The Boxster’s exterior looks the most attractive in silver. Dark metallic colours increase the Boxster’s charm and a mixture of cloth and leather successfully create a classy and sporty atmosphere in the cabin area.


The Boxster’s traditional design will be appealing to many buyers, but its performance and build quality will impress even more buyers. The Boxster has been enhanced in all the right places and offers buyers a complete package.

Peugeot Reveals 308 Prices

Prices have been revealed for the 2014 Peugeot 308.

The French manufacturer has confirmed that the medium sized family car will start from £14,995.

Peugeot-308-1_2691289bThe model will be initially available with 5 different engines, of which the most efficient is the 1.6 HDi 92 diesel. It emits just 93g/km of CO2 and thus qualifies for free road tax. Peugeot has also saif that two new engines will join the range in spring 2014 – a 1.2 litre petrol, and a diesel which emits even less CO2 (82g/km to be exact).

Prices will vary by around £9,000 from entry level to the range-topping 2.0 BlueHDi 150 automatic, which will set you back a cool £24,045.

UK buyers can choose between four trim levels, all of which come with an impressive level of equipment. Access models get air-conditioning, cruise control, DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity. Upgrading to Active will get you dual-zone air-conditioning, an electric handbrake, rear parking sensors, a 9.7-inch touchscreen and satellite navigation.

Cars with the third level Allure trim come complete with 17-inch alloy wheels, front parking sensors, a reversing camera and full LED headlights, while top-spec Feline cars get a panoramic glass roof, Alcantara upholstery and a Driver Dssistance Pack that includes various safety systems.

The 2014 Peugeot 308 is available to order now, with the first deliveries expected in January. The new arrival may also contribute to a fall in price for previous generation models – used listings can be found online at

To Lease Or Not To Lease?

We all know that buying a new car can be a very expensive business, particularly if you’re after something a little flashy. There are several things to consider before you purchase one – do you go for a new or used model, what type of vehicle do you go for and which manufacturer seems to be the most reliable one.

In more recent years however, another option is becoming ever more popular – leasing. More people every year are deciding to opt for this rather than actually buying a car outright. There are several reasons for this, and here are the top five advantages of leasing a vehicle.


Monthly Payments

Buying a new car and even some used cars can require a very large upfront payment, which could take years to save up for. When you lease a vehicle you will only pay a small cost upfront and the rest over monthly instalments, which is much more financially viable.


Better Cars

If you choose to lease, more options become available to you. Even if you have £12,000 saved for example, you could only buy something like a Ford Fiesta brand new. For that amount of money you could be driving much larger and more expensive cars on a lease deal with better engines.


All In One

You don’t need to worry about of the expenses associated with driving when you lease a car. Road tax, insurance and the cost of the vehicle are all covered under one monthly payment which makes things much more manageable.


Switch It Up

Another advantage of leasing is that you can get a new car every few years, which means you won’t get bored of the vehicle you’re driving and you won’t have to pay for MOTs either.



When you buy a new car, it loses value the minute you drive out of the showroom with it as it is no longer new. This isn’t a problem with leasing; you don’t lose money on the vehicle’s value. You can just trade in your Ford Kuga for a BMW 3 Series at the end of the lease.

Top 5 ugliest cars

We are going to take a look at some of our least favourite looking cars; the ugly ducklings that we can only imagine were designed by drunkard in a room with no lights.

toyota yarisToyota Yaris Verso

Unfortunately we are not quite sure what happened to this poor Toyota, but everything looks out of proportion from the bonnet to the car’s boot leaving the Verso with the image of a dopey cartoon character.


ford ka

Ford Ka

The Ford Ka somehow became popular after its release in 1996, which is surprising as it is essentially a hard-boiled egg on wheels.


chrysler pt



Chrysler PT Cruiser

If death drove a car, it would be the Chrysler PT Cruiser; it looks like the result of a massive road accident between a funeral procession and a black taxi.


ssangyong rodius


SsangYong Rodius

As long as you have eyes that work, we are sure that you don’t need any further explanation as to why this car made the list. It is truly hideous.




Fiat Multipla

Here is the Fiat Multipla, the car that looks like a prehistoric fish. We have heard stories of people taking the Multipla to servicing garages and never returning to collect it… It is that bad.